What's Raidtime?

Raidtime is made for aiding gamers and has four main areas: raid planner, looking for group, diskussions and homemade tools for games.
  • The raid planner is used to create events and look for players or search events and apply for it.
  • With 'looking for group' you can quickly find other players.
  • The discussion area is used to discuss game topics, post infos and ask questions.
  • The tool area contains useful helpers, such as event timers and will be expanded.
More detailed information on the individual areas are below.

What does Raidtime cost?

The use of the current features and contents of Raidtime are and will remain free, since the website is financed by advertising. Therefore, we ask to refrain from using adblocker. In the future chargeable premium content may be added.

How do I contact the Raidtime team?

  • If you have a game suggestion for us, you can submit it here.
  • If you've noticed an error, you can reported this via our help area.
  • If you noticed insults or spam, you can set a flag at this position (see below).
  • Otherwise, there is 'Contact' link located in the help area.
  • You can see your tickets in your account area.
By the way - you can identify our moderators and developers by their post colors: green posts are from moderators and yellow posts are from developers..

Raids/Events and Teams

What's up with events?

  • Events are just game schedules.
  • Every registered user can create an event to a game and define its parameters (game, time, target, visibility, etc.).
  • The parameters can be adjusted until shortly before the deadline.
  • Other users can apply for an event and the creator of the event can accept, reject oder invite user.
  • When the application for an event was processed, the concerned user receives a message.

What's up with the teams?

  • User can form teams to faciliate communication and making events together.
  • Any registered user can create a team.
  • Any registered user can apply for one or more teams and join them.
  • Within a team, different roles can be assigned with different permissions.
  • The team founder is also the team leader with all rights. However, he can pass this roll to another team mate.
  • Events can also be created for a team.
  • Teams have different settings, the leader can edit, for example 'wallpaper', 'applications possible', etc.

What are token?

  • Teams may award token to participants for accomplished events.
  • Since you can be in more than one team, you can have token in more than one team.
  • On the allocation and use of token the team decides alone.


What is the discussion area and how does it work?

  • Registered users can discuss game related topics, publish infos and ask questions. Posts can be upvoted to raise their visibility. There are also some flags available to express opinions or to report posts.
  • Discussions caneasily be found over the side menu or at the related game. Your dashboard shows the newest and most interesting discussions for your favourite games.
  • Teams have an internal discussion area as well.

Looking for group

How does looing for group work?

Every multiplayer game has a 'lfg'-button. This will lead you to a filterable list with all group applications for this game. You can either
  • list yourself for a limited time or
  • contact other users.
When contacting someone both users will receive a notification (see notification area) and there they can exchange data, agree to the invitation, reject it or even block it.

Notification area

How does the notification system work?

This is your inbox for all messages within Raidtime. When a new message pops in you will be notified optically and acoustically - no matter where you are in Raidtime. There are several areas:
  • Converations: this contains all 1:1 chats with other users.
  • Hidden converations: you can hide old converations. A new post will open it again.
  • Notifications: these are automatic notifications, e.g. when you team is planning a new event or when you receive an answer to a discussion post.
  • Looking for group: here you can find all contacts.
  • Blocked invitations: a blocked invitation will prevent further invitations from this user.
  • My tickets: here you can find all your support tickets.

Text commands

Are there some tools to brighten up and structurize text?

Yes, despite the WYSIWYG bar at the top of text input fields you can also use Markdown.