What's Raidtime?

Raidtime is made for aiding gamers and has four main areas: articles, links, looking for group and homemade tools for games.
  • Articles contain news and knowledge about the respective game.
  • The link section serves as a well-kept bookmark list.
  • With 'looking for group' you can quickly find other players.
  • The tool area contains useful helpers, such as event timers and will be expanded.
More detailed information on the individual areas are below.

What does Raidtime cost?

The use of the current features and contents of Raidtime are and will remain free, since the website is financed by advertising. Therefore, we ask to refrain from using adblocker. In the future chargeable premium content may be added.

How do I contact the Raidtime team?

  • If you have a game suggestion for us, you can submit it here.
  • If you've noticed an error, you can reported this via our help area.
By the way - you can identify our moderators and developers by their post colors: green posts are from moderators and yellow posts are from developers..


What can I expect from the link list?

The list is regularly checked and maintained by us. We make sure that there are only links that work, are updated, and provide sufficient content to be useful all the time.

Can I suggest my own links?

This possibility will soon be. Of course each submitted link will be checked by a moderator.

Looking for group

How does looking for group work?

Every multiplayer game has a 'lfg'-button. This will lead you to a filterable list with all group searches for the game and a button to enlist yourself.

What I have to look out for when I enter the list?

Make sure you write your name correctly so you can be found in the game.

Text commands

Are there some tools to brighten up and structurize text?

Yes, despite the WYSIWYG bar at the top of text input fields you can also use Markdown.