The term "Raid Time" as used below refers to the website "raidtime.net", as well as all related websites owned by the Develtainment UG (haftungsbeschränkt), including any sub-pages. The terms and conditions apply for these pages.

1. Target Group

For registering on raidtime.net you need to be at last 13 years old. Certain content of the platform may be subject to a higher age limit and will be, if technically possible, filtered accordingly.

2. Content

Raidtime is a platform to support the team finding process. In addition Raidtime provides tools and informations for certain games. The use of Raidtime is free. Chargeable services are clearly identified as such. It should be noted that Raidtime is in permanent development process. The availability of offers may change and are not guaranteed. We reserve the right for maintenance or other reasons to limit the availability of or off Raidtime and, if necessary, to delete data without notice.

3. Registration

For the use of certain functions of RaidTime a registration with e-mail address and password or an authentification via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus is required. The data collected by RaidTime and their uses are displayed in the privacy policy. The user agrees upon registration / use of RaidTime with our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. The user especially complys to our rules of conduct.

4. Granting of rights

All user retain their rights on content made by them. By making this content public on RaidTime, the user grants RaidTime a non-exclusive, worldwide, permanent and royalty-free license to use, copy, display, process, modify, publish, broadcast, transmit, exhibit and distribute such content in any and all media.

5. Legality of content and code of conduct

The user of RaidTime is obliged to:
  • refrain from insults, criminal and inappropriate material at public or private posts
  • take sole responsibility for his own published content
  • use only excerpts quotes accompanied by the source with a link to the topic
  • not violate the rights of third parties (specific attention is given to copyright / trademark and personality rights)
  • ensure the safety of his own account
A violation of the rules of conduct may lead to sanctions - starting with the deletion of a specific content as far as exclusion from the platform.

6. Warranty, liability, copyright

The Notes on the liability and copyright can be found at the imprint.

7. Termination

Immediate termination is possible. The account will be deactivated at once. We reserve the right to store the data 30 days for a possible reactivation. Afterwards the data is completely erased. RaidTime may terminate the membership without giving any reason at any time and exclude users from the offer.

8. Reservation of the right of modification

We reserve the right to make changes within our terms and conditions at any time to adapt to current requirements.

9. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Jurisdiction is the court in SÖMMERDA (Thüringen).

10. Electronic attacks

Electronic attacks of any kind on the platform or the database of RaidTime is prohibited. Any electronic attack leads possibly to the immediate exclusion from our offers and will be prosecuted wherever possible.

We count as electronic attacks (without this list being exhaustive):
  • executing actions that have the objective of damaging the server or database or limit their accessibility (eg brute force attacks),
  • phishing
  • the culpable application and or spreading of viruses, worms, trojans, etc.,
  • executing actions that have the objective to overcome the security barriers of RaidTime or set them off,
  • the interception or attempted interception of personal messages that are destined for other recipients,
  • the use of programs (z. B. crawlers, bots) for automated reading, changing or forwarding data or for the automated creation of content.

11. Final clauses

Should one of these terms be invalid all other remain valid. The relevant statutory provisions replace the invalid term.