Lost Sinner

I need help beating the Last Sinner. Anyone?

Xbox one looking for people to coop with

I'm looking for people to coop with. My sm is about 40k so I'm in tier 4. I'm decently experienced and I have a mic so add me if you're interested: triforcehero2

new game

looking to start a new game for fun ive already beat it and jave everythig so if your new i can help xbox 360 gt is l Krul tepes l (lines in …

Dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin

Can some play xb1 dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin

Boss help

Stuck on the pursuer. Also on Xbox one and have a mic and that. Would really appreciate some help:)

Dragon slayer

Pls help me inv me to a party need help

Help needed

I need help defeating the boss at undead crypt I'm lvl 135


Sup guys! Level 838 on darksouls2 scholar of the first sin and im looking for a cosplay group, i have most armor and weapons and all rings. I like a strict cosplay …

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